ODE at Home

ODE Card Print At Home - Front.jpg
ODE Card Print at Home - Back.jpg
  1. Print a sheet of ODE cards.

  2. Pause. Take a moment to slow where you are at.

  3. Recognize. What is energizing you in this moment?

  4. Jot it down. It starts “ODE to…” Think of it like “cheers to,” “here’s to,” or simply “to…” like you are writing a letter.

  5. Expand. Why does this thing energize you? Express this in a sentence, poem, sketch, paragraph, or whatever comes natural to you.

  6. Share. Aliveness is infectious. Snap a picture of your ODE card and share with your community and tag us @mylifeanode on Instagram of Facebook!

  7. Celebrate. The ODE card is a reminder of the moments in which you feel most alive. Continue writing ODEs, watch patterns emerge and lean into that energy. Live it, be it, do it. Then life becomes one big celebration!