How We Started

In Kahrin and Katie’s final semester at John Carroll University they called upon classmates, friends, and peers to re-meet and re-connect with the people, places, and moments that made their university so special. ODE to JCU was a compilation of 78 written stories, poems, and short sentences, paired with photos that offered a tribute to the beloved campus events, simple daily happenings, and individuals that transformed their college experience. The photos and written pieces were displayed in the campus library the weeks leading up to commencement. ODE to JCU affirmed faculty and staff of their impact, inspired underclassmen to more deeply engage in their college experience, and allowed family and friends to see a glimpse of how special this space was for the Class of 2019.

Check out a few of the ODE to JCU exhibit submissions.

Then Kahrin and Katie graduated, bought a ticket to Seattle, rented a car and brought the message of ODE to new communities out West. At first, they saw ODE as a gratitude movement but when they took a step back they realized it was more. It’s a call to be alive in the present moment, recognizing what energizes you.

Out West they are documenting the people, places, and moments that energzie the way we live in big and small ways. They are inviting those they meet to do the same with ODE cards. Follow along with the journey on Instagram and Facebook.

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Want to do ODE at your school? Work place? Community center? Local hangout?

Contact us and we will help set up an ODE project in your community.

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