What is an ODE?

An invitation to adopt a thankful mindset. Find your gratitude in three steps:



Slow down and bring yourself to the present moment.



Become aware of what are you grateful for in this very moment?

Jot it down on an ODE card.



Share that ODE with us @mylifeanode so we can cultivate a community of gratitude!

Meet our Founders:

Two humans seeking a heightened sense of thankfulness and purpose not only for themselves but a greater community.



Born and raised outside of Cleveland, Ohio, Kahrin grew up alongside her two older brothers. In order to be included, she had to prove she could keep up with the boys. This fostered a competitive spirit in her which led her to athletics. After playing just about every sport in the book, Kahrin fixated on basketball and pursued her dream of being a collegiate athlete.

Despite her love for the game, during her time at John Carroll University she realized her true passion lies in telling stories through videography and music. She views her purpose as being the space for others to be their truest and most authentic selves.





A native of La Grange, Illinois, Katie grew up a quick train ride away from the “Windy City.” With cousin for neighbors and a melting pot of culture down the street, she became curious early on about how communities gather and celebrate. As a high schooler she spent most of her time singing in choir, theatre, and her best friends basement. She ventured to the “mistake by lake” for college to study Communication and found a home in Cleveland, Ohio. At John Carroll University she unlocked a new sense of faith, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a drive to use her voice to advocate for our worlds greatest needs.

She is on a purposeful adventure guided by her mission to connect passionate people to create human-centric experiences.